Today I am going to tell you why Magellan map updates are so important for your Magellan device.
As a Magellan GPS user, I always wonder if I have a device that is commonly used for navigation purposes, and just to reach my destination, why I have to update it now and then? So I decided not to update my Magellan Roadmate GPS Maps for some time. And guess what? It worked absolutely amazing till the time I didn’t see any update in Smart GPS Eco, for those who don’t know what is Smart GPS Eco? It is a web-based tool that is used for updating Magellan GPS devices. So after waiting some time I found some updates in pending installation for my Magellan device and the day it appears my Magellan Roadmate device started to behave weirdly.
So the first error was for satellite, I noticed that the device has started to lose the GPS connectivity very frequently, now I decided to wait for some more time and wanted to see some other changes to my device.
So starting from satellite issues it went to affect the battery performance and after that, it stopped showing the speed camera alerts.
Finally, I was curious to know that if I will update the Magellan maps, will it resolve the issues on the device? and yes, it did resolve the issues as soon as I restarted the device after updating the maps.
The experience was amazing as the updates went smoothly and without any hassle.
So not only it improves the map positioning but also the device performance.
Always check for the Magellan map updates frequently at regular intervals and avoid any errors on the device.
I hope I am able to explain some major reasons behind the breakdown of the Magellan GPS.
Contact the support, initiate the chat, or email them, they are very fast in replying to your queries.
I had an amazing session with them, I found the Magellan support site on Google.
See you guys again, bye!